Monday, December 15, 2008

Police State?! Don't be silly.

I'm glad to see the police do not limit the scope of people who they keep under observation when it comes to public lives and property that are at risk from acts of violence.
Just because a group claims to be following a righteous cause does not give them a free pass to do whatever illegal acts they feel like.
I am however surprised to read he got paid $600/week by the police! Does seem like a lot, then again I do have no idea as to what the going rate is for an informer. :s
Just reading through this biased report: , and you can clearly see these are not innocent angels the police are monitoring. But people who at the very least have been previously arrested and vandalise property. You just need to look overseas to see examples of where groups like these have been involved in murder and multi million dollar property damage.

As for people at The Standard who would try to spin this to make it appear the National Government is turning us in to a police state, that is just ludicrous as firstly this is far from "police state" behaviour and secondly all of this would have been happening for years under Labour's watch.