Friday, April 1, 2011

We must stay alert about nuclear dangers!

After being alerted to the looming nuclear dangers by the tragedy in Japan, ACT on Campus feels it is our social duty to alert the public to the next imposing nuclear catastrophe to hit us: bananas.

The average banana contains around 450 mg of potassium and will experience around 14 decays each second!

The radiation dose from consuming only one banana is greater than that sustained from living near to a nuclear power plant for a full year. This has raised concerns because of the well known dangers of living near nuclear reactors.

People who overdose on banana by eating by eating one every day for a year take in 3.6 millirems during that year! We feel it is especially important to reach out to the triathlete community about this fact and other athletes.

As a multi time Ironman athlete myself, I'm guilty of frequently overdosing on bananas (ate two this morning for breakfast before I discovered this news!). We sports people used to view bananas as perfect food, packed with all those carbohydrates to power us during our long training sessions. Niftily contained in a convenient biodegradable wrapper which you can open and eat with just one hand (good for while you're cycling!), and tasty too!

But no more! We call for the government to scan ALL bananas for signs of radioactivity, then to ban all these bananas found to be radioactive (and should open an investigation as to what further dangers their country of origin poses). We must do this far the sake of all our whānau, and especially the tamariki.

Greenpeace and the Greens Party in NZ are especially objecting to the fact some radioactive bananas have been coming into NZ "by stealth", when NZ is meant to be a nuclear free country! This is quite outrageous, and makes a mockery of the nuclear ban David Lange put in place in 1984 which we as NZers are all so proud of.

There is good news on the horizon however, since NZ is once again leaping to the front in farming technology with special genetically modified bananas being researched that will be guaranteed to always be free of radioactivity. To give consumers peace of mind, the new, safe bananas will be destingulishable by their blue skins.

Exclusive: Judith Tizard resigns before taking up her seat

Judith Tizard has announced she will not take up her list spot as MP (once Darren Hughes resigns of course...) due to an incident early this morning at 4:30am in Wellington when a young naked female student was seen running into a waiting Police car in front of camped out paparazzi.

She has also had any portfolios she would have received removed, effective immediately.

Phil Goff says while he can not confirm or deny if a Police investigation has started due to legal reasons, he says he is pleased at how very quickly the Labour Party has resolved this current incident. "The fact we got this sorted out well within 24 hours shows how much stronger the Labour Party has grown since the Darren Hughes case which bodes well for the November Election" says Phil Goff.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reform Party: the new party to right

Was I right or was I right? ;-P

A new party to the right *is* being formed (here follows countless sources...):

Party Website: Reform New Zealand Care - Choice - Confidence
Scoop: New Party seeks “thinking” New Zealanders
NBR: New right-wing party formed
New Zealand Herald: New right-wing party now shopping round
Matt McCarten Far right sneaked new party in under radar

The question to ask is... "what now?"

Between National and ACT is there any space for a party to the right of center?

I highly doubt it. Especially as they're still lacking a visible and strong leader.

However it is within the realms of possibilities, as you just have to look at how well the Christian Right has done in the past (yes, they've always failed to get elected but have came very close once or twice).

Thus I think their best shot is to angle for the Christian/Conservative vote. Those people who are dissatisified with the blandness of National, but are uneasy with some of ACT's social policies (pro-gays, pro-drugs, etc...).

Hone Harawira has left the Maori Party

Hone Harawira and the Maori Party have split for good, odds of a far left party are becoming increasingly real.

‎"Mr Harawira said he had promised not to stand against the Maori Party in any
other electorates in November.

In return its leadership had agreed not to stand a
candidate against him in Te Tai Tokerau, he said."

That quote is very telling, it strongly indicates he will not stay an independent but will form another party around him otherwise why else would he agree not to stand outside Te Tai Tokerau?
Because obviously he would choose to stand in Te Tai Tokerau himself! Thus the agreement is referring to any future party he might be part of creating.
And unless Labour (or National! ha) can take Te Tai Tokerau then any new party that decides to form with him will be able to bypass the 5% threshold (which I personal believe should be abolished).

Friday, February 11, 2011

John Banks to lead a new conservative party, he will contest Epsom!

A little birdy (I jest! It was a much much more reliable source than that... from deep within the inner workings of Wellington) told me that not only is a new conservative party being formed but also John Banks will be leading it.

BUT... the biggest piece of news of all is John Banks will be contesting Epsom! Now this has certainly been said before, for instance this NZ Herald article: Epsom tipped as place for Banks comeback

Although I thought this was always slightly unlikely? As John Banks is a much tougher political competitor than Richard Worth has been. And would National really be so silly as to risk knocking out the only political party than can rely upon to support them in forming a government? Possible but quite unlikely.

However the big twist here is an entirely new political party being formed AND contesting Epsom. Why? There are not many reasons you could explain here... other than the intention to knock out Rodney Hide and with that the whole of the ACT Party!

But perhaps with the intention to slide up the middle between the split vote between Rodney Hide and the National Candidate? With the intention of this new conservative party to take the place of ACT? Very risky, but the only thing that makes sense?!

John Banks is known as a very good fundraiser, and he is wealthy in his own right, so one thing is sure: this party is sure to be well funded for such a new party on the scene (a bit like the New Citizens Party too huh? Funded from Beijing... !). Thus the new conservative party poses a thread, to both ACT and National. ACT could get knocked out for good, and steal a few of their voters away. National could get far more voters stolen away than ACT, which would be a disaster for it if the new conservative party fails to reach 5% or win an electorate as that means wasted votes. (one of many reasons why I personally think the 5% threshold should be got rid of!)

Interesting times are ahead for sure!

PS: a word of warning to this new party, although you follow along to conservative politics, don't pick that as you party name! The last NZ Conservative Party didn't do so well.... ! And it is recent enough too that people who are not as young as I am can still have this fresh in their minds.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't the Greens believe in modern technology such as "watches"?

Greens get stuck in traffic, miss Botany by-election deadline
The Green Party has missed out on a chance to run in the Botany by-election for failing to register its candidate in time.
The Electoral Commission has released the details of who is standing in the March 5 by-election and where people can vote.
The Greens announced in a press release late last night that it had selected former staffer Richard Leckinger to stand, but Chief Electoral Officer Robert Peden said Leckinger had not made it.
"A completed nomination form from the Green Party was not received before the legal deadline of noon today and therefore the Electoral Commission could not accept the nomination," he said.

Maybe he partied too hard "late last night" after successfully becoming their candidate? That would be *my* mostly likely excuse if I was in his shoes...

However you have to ask why hadn't the Greens selected somebody well before a few hours before the cut off time? (as if you haven't even selected a person then it is going to be tough to get the nomination in early!)

With this brilliant display of forward planning it is no wonder we don't trust the Greens with economic planning for the country.

I will however suggest next time he cycles rather than drives, he is a Greenie after all!

Botany by-election candidates:
Al-Saady, Hussain - Pirate Party of New
Biggs, Leo Aotearoa - Legalise Cannabis Party
Bright, Penny -
Caithness, Robin - Join Australia Movement Party
Goh, Robert -
Murphy, Lyn - Act New Zealand
Ross, Jami-Lee - National
Wood, Michael - Labour Party
Young, Paul - New Citizen
Young, Wayne - Independent

I guess The Green Party is just not as serious political contender as "Pirate Party of New Zealand" or "Join Australia Movement Party"! Let's not forget "New Citizen Party", "Legalise Cannabis Party", and Penny Bright! As they're all jokes too, but at least they've been around for a while, but it is telling even those first two (Pirates and Australians!) which have no experience as they are brand new (?) could still get their shit sorted on time! (plus the "New Citizen Party" which is also brand new)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


AoC supporter D.P. today unveiled an action plan to create jobs and grow the economy, including a major overhaul of the tax system.

“AoC will rebalance the tax system so that everyone pays their fair share. We will provide some financial relief for all New Zealanders and crack down on welfare dodgers who exploit the system, leaving the rest of us to pay the price for their actions..”

AoC’s fairer tax plan includes:
• introducing a new tax-free zone so that in important economic zones people won’t pay any tax on the first several thousand dollars they earn. Naturally Auckland will be this tax free zone, being the center of NZ's economic production. (note: oh, I suppose as we're all about equality we'll have to include the rest of the country too!)
• cracking down on work avoiders and the loopholes they exploit.
• creating a flat tax system with a new low rate for EVERY earner.

“We know many New Zealanders are feeling the financial squeeze as they face skyrocketing grocery bills and rising petrol and power prices. Prices are the highest in 21 years because of National’s GST hike and are far outstripping any increase in wages.

“AoC will help ease the pressure by giving all New Zealanders a break. We’ll do that by giving everyone the same tax rate, no matter what your income or what you do for a job."

“It’s a tax plan that benefits everyone, not like the current tax rate under John Key where the vast majority of the tax is paid by a few." (for more info read "Ten Men Went to Dinner: Tax Cuts Made Simple")

“ACT on Campus will not borrow for its tax cuts and we will decrease GST, and additionally make sure our assets are used most effectively.”

ACT on Campus will help pay for its new tax-free zone by putting the squeeze on work dodgers, such as those who structure their affairs to avoid paying their fair share by working under the table. Or another example is those who claim not to be living together when they are to further exploit the welfare system.

“ACT on Campus will target welfare abusers who arrange their affairs so they can rip off the tax system and leave other taxpayers to carry the load. This kind of avoidance is bludging. It is wrong and it’s bad for the economy.”

No top tax rate will be introduced to ensure everybody pays a fair share. If we break our promise (as politicians tend to do) then the threshold will be set be set so high it will impact nobody at all, infinity dollars per year as been proposed as a reasonable point at which to have the top tax rate. The detail of ACT on Campus’ overall tax policy will be released later this year.
ACT on Campus is also announcing today a new five point package to create higher incomes and better jobs.

The action plan includes:
• Making research and development a priority by removing excess red tape, particularly in the clean tech sector.
• Will re-introduce the youth wage (and maybe get rid of the minimum wage entirely) so that our young people don’t end up on the unemployment scrapheap.
• Reduce debt, by ensuring our strategic publicly-owned assets are used effectively and including private management/ownership where desirable.
• Changing the way the Reserve Bank works and making sure monetary policy serves growth in business (and thus employment) and our export sector.
• Actively managing the economy and working closely with industry to grow quickly, sell more to the world and bring jobs home.

“I want to build a country that is prosperous for everyone. I want to create one New Zealand, not a country increasingly divided by the growing gap between rich and poor. I want to lead a country in which everyone pulls their weight, pays a fair share and gets a fair go.”

This has been a serious press release, for a more amusing press release which as a joke shouldn't be taken at all seriously check this out: A FAIR DEAL FOR EVERYONE by Phill Goff

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Commentary on the Day's News 19/1/11
"New Zealand heads the Asia Pacific region in spending on health - nine percent of gross domestic product - against Australia's 8.8 percent."We spend MORE than Australia on Health, clearly the solution to any health problems we are having is not to be dumb and throw even more money at it. Instead we need to become more efficient with the money we are currently spending by being more competitive.
This is so wrong. ACT strongly supports property rights, and as such we believe it is wrong for other people to try and force you to do what they want with *your* property.This comment is insightful from one of those who wants to "save" the houses:"If I had the money I'd buy the three houses and thumb my nose at the rest of the world," Mrs Burnes says.That sums it up well, she doesn't have the money thus she wants to use another person's!
There is a lot of talk of Hone Harawira, Sue Bradford, & Matt McCarten forming an extreme far left wing party. I don't see this as a bad thing, as the new party would should how very moderate (or should that be left?) National actually is. Which could then give them the flexibility to strike a truly "right" path due to the contrast with the nonsense this new extreme left party would spew.
Could you believe a small segment of Maoris got upset over this? (I do find it a bit disgusting he tries to cast these intrepid extreme BBQers in the same light as the graffiti vandals) Looks epic to me! Good on them.