Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reform Party: the new party to right

Was I right or was I right? ;-P

A new party to the right *is* being formed (here follows countless sources...):

Party Website: Reform New Zealand Care - Choice - Confidence
Scoop: New Party seeks “thinking” New Zealanders
NBR: New right-wing party formed
New Zealand Herald: New right-wing party now shopping round
Matt McCarten Far right sneaked new party in under radar

The question to ask is... "what now?"

Between National and ACT is there any space for a party to the right of center?

I highly doubt it. Especially as they're still lacking a visible and strong leader.

However it is within the realms of possibilities, as you just have to look at how well the Christian Right has done in the past (yes, they've always failed to get elected but have came very close once or twice).

Thus I think their best shot is to angle for the Christian/Conservative vote. Those people who are dissatisified with the blandness of National, but are uneasy with some of ACT's social policies (pro-gays, pro-drugs, etc...).

Hone Harawira has left the Maori Party

Hone Harawira and the Maori Party have split for good, odds of a far left party are becoming increasingly real.

‎"Mr Harawira said he had promised not to stand against the Maori Party in any
other electorates in November.

In return its leadership had agreed not to stand a
candidate against him in Te Tai Tokerau, he said."

That quote is very telling, it strongly indicates he will not stay an independent but will form another party around him otherwise why else would he agree not to stand outside Te Tai Tokerau?
Because obviously he would choose to stand in Te Tai Tokerau himself! Thus the agreement is referring to any future party he might be part of creating.
And unless Labour (or National! ha) can take Te Tai Tokerau then any new party that decides to form with him will be able to bypass the 5% threshold (which I personal believe should be abolished).

Friday, February 11, 2011

John Banks to lead a new conservative party, he will contest Epsom!

A little birdy (I jest! It was a much much more reliable source than that... from deep within the inner workings of Wellington) told me that not only is a new conservative party being formed but also John Banks will be leading it.

BUT... the biggest piece of news of all is John Banks will be contesting Epsom! Now this has certainly been said before, for instance this NZ Herald article: Epsom tipped as place for Banks comeback

Although I thought this was always slightly unlikely? As John Banks is a much tougher political competitor than Richard Worth has been. And would National really be so silly as to risk knocking out the only political party than can rely upon to support them in forming a government? Possible but quite unlikely.

However the big twist here is an entirely new political party being formed AND contesting Epsom. Why? There are not many reasons you could explain here... other than the intention to knock out Rodney Hide and with that the whole of the ACT Party!

But perhaps with the intention to slide up the middle between the split vote between Rodney Hide and the National Candidate? With the intention of this new conservative party to take the place of ACT? Very risky, but the only thing that makes sense?!

John Banks is known as a very good fundraiser, and he is wealthy in his own right, so one thing is sure: this party is sure to be well funded for such a new party on the scene (a bit like the New Citizens Party too huh? Funded from Beijing... !). Thus the new conservative party poses a thread, to both ACT and National. ACT could get knocked out for good, and steal a few of their voters away. National could get far more voters stolen away than ACT, which would be a disaster for it if the new conservative party fails to reach 5% or win an electorate as that means wasted votes. (one of many reasons why I personally think the 5% threshold should be got rid of!)

Interesting times are ahead for sure!

PS: a word of warning to this new party, although you follow along to conservative politics, don't pick that as you party name! The last NZ Conservative Party didn't do so well.... ! And it is recent enough too that people who are not as young as I am can still have this fresh in their minds.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't the Greens believe in modern technology such as "watches"?

Greens get stuck in traffic, miss Botany by-election deadline
The Green Party has missed out on a chance to run in the Botany by-election for failing to register its candidate in time.
The Electoral Commission has released the details of who is standing in the March 5 by-election and where people can vote.
The Greens announced in a press release late last night that it had selected former staffer Richard Leckinger to stand, but Chief Electoral Officer Robert Peden said Leckinger had not made it.
"A completed nomination form from the Green Party was not received before the legal deadline of noon today and therefore the Electoral Commission could not accept the nomination," he said.

Maybe he partied too hard "late last night" after successfully becoming their candidate? That would be *my* mostly likely excuse if I was in his shoes...

However you have to ask why hadn't the Greens selected somebody well before a few hours before the cut off time? (as if you haven't even selected a person then it is going to be tough to get the nomination in early!)

With this brilliant display of forward planning it is no wonder we don't trust the Greens with economic planning for the country.

I will however suggest next time he cycles rather than drives, he is a Greenie after all!

Botany by-election candidates:
Al-Saady, Hussain - Pirate Party of New
Biggs, Leo Aotearoa - Legalise Cannabis Party
Bright, Penny -
Caithness, Robin - Join Australia Movement Party
Goh, Robert -
Murphy, Lyn - Act New Zealand
Ross, Jami-Lee - National
Wood, Michael - Labour Party
Young, Paul - New Citizen
Young, Wayne - Independent

I guess The Green Party is just not as serious political contender as "Pirate Party of New Zealand" or "Join Australia Movement Party"! Let's not forget "New Citizen Party", "Legalise Cannabis Party", and Penny Bright! As they're all jokes too, but at least they've been around for a while, but it is telling even those first two (Pirates and Australians!) which have no experience as they are brand new (?) could still get their shit sorted on time! (plus the "New Citizen Party" which is also brand new)