Thursday, October 7, 2010

Paul Henry & 'Racism'

This whole incident I have found shocking. Not from the statement, but from the reactions. For instance a TVNZ staff member resigning over DOING HER JOB?!?! Ludicras, that is what PR people are MEANT TO DO. They have to defend whatever stupid things might happen in their company to the press/public, even if they might have personal misgivings about the situation. Or rather they are meant to make their clients look good, which is generally by defending them. Ok perhaps you can say she failed in this case due to the public reaction, but is this a significant enough failing to resign over? No.

It gets worse to then read: "while an MP went as far as suggesting New Zealand could do with multi-cultural legislation". Oh great, what MP was this? I'm going to go out on a limb here and propose this legislation he imagines would be:
a) racist legislation.
b) infringing on our right to free speech.

TVNZ PR manager offers resignation - NZ Herald News