Thursday, October 23, 2008

How many hours a night is Rodney Hide sleeping?

If you want a dedicated party leader who is working at all hours of the night during this election, then you need to look no further than ACT's party leader Rodney Hide:

An Avondale reader writes: "I am not an Act supporter but I can't help admiring
Rodney Hide's dedication. Unable to sleep on Monday morning, I switched on Radio
Live around 2am to hear him fielding calls on Ewing Stevens' show. I wonder if
any other politicians are taking the same opportunity to pitch for the insomniac

From NZ Herald's Swideswipe:

Why My Brother Will Not Be Voting For Labour

Got this email from my teenage brother yesterday (in response to my email asking who he might be voting for). It looks clear who he will not be voting for!

As I think you are aware, I will not being voting for Helen Clark and the Labour party. Mainly because she is f**cking ugly. This is not a level of ugliness that is normal, this is the level of ugliness that causes erectile dysfunction. Since I do still plan on getting a girlfriend sometime I feel this could be a huge problem for me some time in the (hopefully) near future.
Having Helen remain as the prime minister would also cause other problems.One of these is that her extremely revolting looks causes an effect similar to "beer goggles". The effect of both "beer goggles" and seeing Helen could cause the situation were an New Zealand male would accidentally hook up with an ugly chick (or, as I call them, an "OMFG-WTF-OHDEARGOD-LOOSE-SOME-WEIGHT-I-THOUGH-I-JUST-SAW-A-COW"). This would be a most unfortunate event, so I feel that it is the best interest of the nation that Labour is not elected for another term. Apparently "beergoggles" is caused by excess consumption of something called "beer". I looked it up to see if it could be excluded from my diet, but sadly it seems to be one of the more important needs of life and should not removed from a healthy person's daily intake.
Helen's level of ugliness is the type that makes me want to grab a knife and cut off my balls in the hope that it will stop me from looking at women in case I ever come across one as ugly as Helen.
So, please, think of my balls and don't vote for Labour.

There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth for the NZ teenage male's reasons for not voting for Labour.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Future of New Zealand Foreign Policy

Went along last night to this pre-election forum hosted by NZIIA, here is what I wrote on my phone during it uploaded directly without modification:

arrived while Phil was talking , so missed out on helen's lap dog jim talking & gordon copeland. No biggie.

National guy was mediocre, seemed to ramble along while talking about his decades of foreign policy experience. Nice & easy to listen along but lacks any punch to it. However I liked what he said near the end that the UN is to be treated with a case by case basis as the UN can work well but in other areas it breaks down very badly. (which he repeated this point during Q & A time)

Keith from greens spoke so quietly members of the audience had to speak up & tell him to turn on his mike even though it was already on! lol

Although otherwise he was predictable with rants & raving on climate change , class division (take from the rich to give to the poor) , against americans saying we should not call them an ally because they are the big evil empire yadda yadda

The act candidate sure stood out from the rest, only guy with ponytail! He stood out from the rest too in how he really spoke with punch

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Fascinating Time in Politics

Is a great time to be following politics with so much going on both here in New Zealand and abroad, primarily the upcoming General Election in NZ and the campaign for President over in America.

Currently as I write this I'm watching on C-SPAN online the repeat coverage of the 2nd Presidential Debate, taking a shot every time either of them says "my friends"! Good times, but initially I had my doubts that together my friend (pun intended) & I would be able to finish off our single can of beer. Channel 7 showed the initial start of the debate but that was only one shot each before back they returned to local news. Grrr.... wireless internet is not the best for watching a live stream due to its high latency, after trying several different sources I eventually settled upon C-SPAN as being the relative best of the lot for me. Of course by this point they were minutes away from the end of the debate.... oh well, if only they showed it on NZ tv. Never mind, bring on the John Key vs Helen Clark debate! (next Tuesday from 7pm till 8:30pm on TV One)

More to come later: details of the debate, billboard counts during my tour around NZ, rants, and more ways to put the fun in to politics! (fpuonlitics?)