Thursday, June 11, 2009

Richard Worth

I really have to feel sorry for Richard Worth, first of all he gets puts up as the token National canditate in Epsom where Rodney Hide wins to ensure the survival of the ACT party. You couldn't expect an MP to be able to go far under these circumstances could you? (a person who loses a blue electorate...)

Yet he was still a Minster in the Government, having sucess just like in his previous very sucessful career as a laywer.

Then there was the "scandal" of his visit to India, which I really feel is nit picking over details and in my opinion shouldn't be a huge deal anyway (not to mention his visit to the taxi driver which caused another "scandal" in the presses, but really now where is the fire? Even more of a non-story than the visit to India).

Unfortunately now everything has built up and got to the point where he has been "sacked" (techincally he resigned, but John Key said he would have been sacked if he hadn't resigned...) because of the latest allegations from Neelam Choudary. Whch we must keep in mind that is all they are, allegations. We don't know for sure the validity of the statements, we can only merely guess at the likelihood of their truth. And as it stands it doesn't stack up well against her, as you have to suspect this is highly politically motivated. As these are dark days for Labour, the only good news than can find is when they make bad news for National! And this is the best they have done so far in this department. Just take a look at the bias we have seen from Phil Goof (even though he has claimed many times on tv this is not politically motivated. Tui: Yeah rght!), quoted directly from The NZ Herald: Labour leader Phil Goff said last night he was concerned that the woman had been named and that her husband was being brought into the story. His status had "nothing to do with the accuracy or the credibility or the veracity of what she has said was her experience with Richard Worth", he said. "I don't think it is fair for her to be judged in any context other than on her own merit."

Yet if you check out the source itself (supplied by the NZ Herald itself! Don't they bother to check with what they write themselves to work out when the politicians are spinning bullshit?): An Indian national now living in the Auckland suburb of Avondale told the Herald he met Choudary and his wife Neelam in 2002 after hearing about the scheme from a friend back in India who read an advertisement in a newspaper. AND also: The Choudarys claimed it was an immigration mistake and the man was sent another letter offering him a job with Denis Hansen's company Mantech and he was asked for another $3000.

So it is clear she was involved, plus those who you associate with is a reflection upon your own character (and her own character is currently the only basis we the public have to judge the validity of her claims). And who else do you associate with more closer than your own husband/wife? Remember additionally she can't simply write this off as long gone in the past and she now is a changed person, because these laws were being broken very recently... to be specific at the very same time she claims these goings ons with Richard Worth was happening.

The Otago Daily Time provides a very handy overview for those who want more details:

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Dave said...

Worth was not sacked because of Choudary. He was sacked after investigations relating to the Korean woman. you are somewhat confused.