Thursday, January 27, 2011


AoC supporter D.P. today unveiled an action plan to create jobs and grow the economy, including a major overhaul of the tax system.

“AoC will rebalance the tax system so that everyone pays their fair share. We will provide some financial relief for all New Zealanders and crack down on welfare dodgers who exploit the system, leaving the rest of us to pay the price for their actions..”

AoC’s fairer tax plan includes:
• introducing a new tax-free zone so that in important economic zones people won’t pay any tax on the first several thousand dollars they earn. Naturally Auckland will be this tax free zone, being the center of NZ's economic production. (note: oh, I suppose as we're all about equality we'll have to include the rest of the country too!)
• cracking down on work avoiders and the loopholes they exploit.
• creating a flat tax system with a new low rate for EVERY earner.

“We know many New Zealanders are feeling the financial squeeze as they face skyrocketing grocery bills and rising petrol and power prices. Prices are the highest in 21 years because of National’s GST hike and are far outstripping any increase in wages.

“AoC will help ease the pressure by giving all New Zealanders a break. We’ll do that by giving everyone the same tax rate, no matter what your income or what you do for a job."

“It’s a tax plan that benefits everyone, not like the current tax rate under John Key where the vast majority of the tax is paid by a few." (for more info read "Ten Men Went to Dinner: Tax Cuts Made Simple")

“ACT on Campus will not borrow for its tax cuts and we will decrease GST, and additionally make sure our assets are used most effectively.”

ACT on Campus will help pay for its new tax-free zone by putting the squeeze on work dodgers, such as those who structure their affairs to avoid paying their fair share by working under the table. Or another example is those who claim not to be living together when they are to further exploit the welfare system.

“ACT on Campus will target welfare abusers who arrange their affairs so they can rip off the tax system and leave other taxpayers to carry the load. This kind of avoidance is bludging. It is wrong and it’s bad for the economy.”

No top tax rate will be introduced to ensure everybody pays a fair share. If we break our promise (as politicians tend to do) then the threshold will be set be set so high it will impact nobody at all, infinity dollars per year as been proposed as a reasonable point at which to have the top tax rate. The detail of ACT on Campus’ overall tax policy will be released later this year.
ACT on Campus is also announcing today a new five point package to create higher incomes and better jobs.

The action plan includes:
• Making research and development a priority by removing excess red tape, particularly in the clean tech sector.
• Will re-introduce the youth wage (and maybe get rid of the minimum wage entirely) so that our young people don’t end up on the unemployment scrapheap.
• Reduce debt, by ensuring our strategic publicly-owned assets are used effectively and including private management/ownership where desirable.
• Changing the way the Reserve Bank works and making sure monetary policy serves growth in business (and thus employment) and our export sector.
• Actively managing the economy and working closely with industry to grow quickly, sell more to the world and bring jobs home.

“I want to build a country that is prosperous for everyone. I want to create one New Zealand, not a country increasingly divided by the growing gap between rich and poor. I want to lead a country in which everyone pulls their weight, pays a fair share and gets a fair go.”

This has been a serious press release, for a more amusing press release which as a joke shouldn't be taken at all seriously check this out: A FAIR DEAL FOR EVERYONE by Phill Goff

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