Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Commentary on the Day's News 19/1/11
"New Zealand heads the Asia Pacific region in spending on health - nine percent of gross domestic product - against Australia's 8.8 percent."We spend MORE than Australia on Health, clearly the solution to any health problems we are having is not to be dumb and throw even more money at it. Instead we need to become more efficient with the money we are currently spending by being more competitive.
This is so wrong. ACT strongly supports property rights, and as such we believe it is wrong for other people to try and force you to do what they want with *your* property.This comment is insightful from one of those who wants to "save" the houses:"If I had the money I'd buy the three houses and thumb my nose at the rest of the world," Mrs Burnes says.That sums it up well, she doesn't have the money thus she wants to use another person's!
There is a lot of talk of Hone Harawira, Sue Bradford, & Matt McCarten forming an extreme far left wing party. I don't see this as a bad thing, as the new party would should how very moderate (or should that be left?) National actually is. Which could then give them the flexibility to strike a truly "right" path due to the contrast with the nonsense this new extreme left party would spew.
Could you believe a small segment of Maoris got upset over this? (I do find it a bit disgusting he tries to cast these intrepid extreme BBQers in the same light as the graffiti vandals) Looks epic to me! Good on them.

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