Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Future of New Zealand Foreign Policy

Went along last night to this pre-election forum hosted by NZIIA, here is what I wrote on my phone during it uploaded directly without modification:

arrived while Phil was talking , so missed out on helen's lap dog jim talking & gordon copeland. No biggie.

National guy was mediocre, seemed to ramble along while talking about his decades of foreign policy experience. Nice & easy to listen along but lacks any punch to it. However I liked what he said near the end that the UN is to be treated with a case by case basis as the UN can work well but in other areas it breaks down very badly. (which he repeated this point during Q & A time)

Keith from greens spoke so quietly members of the audience had to speak up & tell him to turn on his mike even though it was already on! lol

Although otherwise he was predictable with rants & raving on climate change , class division (take from the rich to give to the poor) , against americans saying we should not call them an ally because they are the big evil empire yadda yadda

The act candidate sure stood out from the rest, only guy with ponytail! He stood out from the rest too in how he really spoke with punch

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