Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Fascinating Time in Politics

Is a great time to be following politics with so much going on both here in New Zealand and abroad, primarily the upcoming General Election in NZ and the campaign for President over in America.

Currently as I write this I'm watching on C-SPAN online the repeat coverage of the 2nd Presidential Debate, taking a shot every time either of them says "my friends"! Good times, but initially I had my doubts that together my friend (pun intended) & I would be able to finish off our single can of beer. Channel 7 showed the initial start of the debate but that was only one shot each before back they returned to local news. Grrr.... wireless internet is not the best for watching a live stream due to its high latency, after trying several different sources I eventually settled upon C-SPAN as being the relative best of the lot for me. Of course by this point they were minutes away from the end of the debate.... oh well, if only they showed it on NZ tv. Never mind, bring on the John Key vs Helen Clark debate! (next Tuesday from 7pm till 8:30pm on TV One)

More to come later: details of the debate, billboard counts during my tour around NZ, rants, and more ways to put the fun in to politics! (fpuonlitics?)

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