Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Helicopters (images)

A round up from around the internet of Helicopters and that proven liar Winston Peters:



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Winston has a fine career ahead of him in comedy when he doesn't get back in to Parliament.


Muzzerino said...
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Muzzerino said...

According to Winstons site...

"It is difficult to believe, but just five days from polling day and we are having to waste time talking about past campaigns and helicopters! This is just another media sideshow to divert voters from the real issues they face.

New Zealand First has used helicopters for travel during two election campaigns - but not for campaigning itself.

The way a question was framed on Agenda yesterday implied that we had used a helicopter to campaign from, which of course was ridiculous because of the physical impossibility of speaking to crowds in a noisy gale.

We used a helicopter to travel and I do not deny that, but to suggest that I somehow stood at the door of a flying helicopter shouting at voters is preposterous. We were campaigning - not deerstalking!"

Sounds fair enough to me. Will the media ever stop this vile attack on NZ First? If you want a crook, listen to the recordings of Nationals confessions about Kiwibank and the rest, but no, NZ likes to concentrate on a photo of a Helicopter in 1999.

NZ First is now 100% Cleared of all wrongdoing. Will we hear any apologies?

Of course not.