Sunday, November 9, 2008

Well Done ACT, Two & Half Times As Many MPs!

Polling day is over, the votes are in and counted (excepting special votes) . I'm pleased to say John Key is now our new Prime Minster. ACT is much stronger with 3 more MPs, also at this time in writing (nearly 4am on Sunday morning) ACT is the only party to have updated their website today to state their results & thank their supporters.

With two only two exceptions however: the ultra micro party "The Family Party" also thanked their supporters & expressed their disappointment over their result. And another ultra micro party "Alliance Party of New Zealand" has an almost blank web page where it merely states "Maintenance Mode. Alliance Party of New Zealand will be offline for the duration of polling day for the 2008 General Election. We apologise for any inconvenience". Firstly, I'd seriously hope their website is not down for maintenance. As if so that would have to be one of the most badly timed scheduled maintenance ever. Instead I suspect they just used the Maintenance Mode plugin as an easy way to take their website offline for the duration of polling day because they are afraid of The Electoral Finance Act. Just shows how shockingly bad the EFA is that it caused a party to take down their website, of course blame also falls on Alliance that they should interpret the EFA this badly as none of the other parties did this (you would have thought that at least they could have seen all the other parties kept their site up, didn't they check?!).

During my checking of all of the party websites I was unable to find one for "New Zealand Pacific Party" (TV3 confirms this). I'm shocked, in this day and age a party should have a website. They fully deserve the low polling they got (not to mention the far more serious matter of the criminal charges their party leader is currently facing).

Watched the BBC coverage of the NZ election, was very minimal as you would expect yet even so they managed to muck it up. Calling National's potential coalition partner "Aye Sea Tee". Oh dear...

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