Tuesday, November 4, 2008

TV3's John vs Helen debate

Clearly this debate last night went to John Key. I'm not online in this opinion either, the TV3 poll on the night gave a massive majority of 70% saying Key won versus only 30% in favour for Clark. Life just gets worse for Clark, now all of the debates have clearly gone in favour for Key. Will tomorrow's final debate go the same way? My money is on Key winning once again.

This was a debate that will have swayed undecided voters. My flatmate was a radical mad lefty, yet he pinpoints down this debate as the tipping point for him to now vote National (even if it requires him getting drunk beforehand, as he doesn't like the thought of him soberly voting for National).

In the post debate analysis afterwards on TV3 one of the commentators claimed Helen had a lot more energy about her, supposedly showing that she wants the job for PM more than John Key. While I would hardly debate either point, just see the circus going on with Winston Peters for how much she wants to still hang on to the strings of power, yet I feel she was way off the mark in her analysis. As sure Helen Clark had "more energy" about her, but all her energy was negative energy of being tensed up & frustrated. Not what you would expect for a politician with decades of experience to get so flustered. While John Key was calm and confident throughout with his body language, which TV3's commentator completely misinterpreted. Imagine a debate between a crook and a Police Officer, you wouldn't be surprised with the crook looses her cool and started shouting while you expect the person speaking from a position of authority to remain calm and collected throughout.

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