Friday, November 7, 2008

Hundreds of NZers are Technological Morons

Anybody who has any experience with tech support will not be surprised by the title of this post, but even so it is still saddening to see more evidence of this. From the NZ Herald:

Winston Peters has been sending direct mail and setting up webpages in the names of random Kiwis, to the horror of some of those targeted who believe their privacy has been invaded.
The really sad fact is that this is not a quote from one of the morons complaining about this, but is the lead paragraph for the story (which incidentally is on the front page of Shame on you NZ Herald, your journalists should know better.

If anybody seriously believes this that NZ First set up an individual website just for YOU, then please explain this url:

Even though I very strongly hope (and believe) that Winston Peters will not get back in to Parliament, I do admire NZ First for their handy use of a little bit of technology that none of the other parties have done. However it is sad to see too many NZers are too stupid to appreciate it.

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